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Men's Life Study - "Faith In Action"

January 28th - February 11th, 2018

Knowing the Bible is a good thing. But living it out is even better! In this study we will give you practical tools to help you live out your faith at home, in your neighborhood, and in your workplace.

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Men's Life Study - "Discipleship from Ground Zero"

February 25th - March 11th, 2018

This study picks up where "Faith At Work" left off. Together we will learn the principles and practical application of discipleship, from leading someone to Christ to helping them grow in their faith journey. You will be challenged (and expected) to move beyond simply knowing, to actually doing!


Merge Premarital Class

March 4th - April 29th, 2018


Merge is an 8-week pre-marriage course that includes large group teaching and table discussions led by mentor couples. Topics include communication, sex, finances, conflict and more all within a biblical perspective.

The cost is $30 per person ($60 per couple) which covers Merge workbooks and food & drinks each week.